elitehood Aluminum iPad Holder

elitehood Aluminum iPad Holder review

The elitehood Aluminum iPad Holder is a universal and durable accessory for car that allows you to securely mount your iPad or tablet on the headrest of your car seat. It offers a convenient way to entertain passengers, especially children, during long drives. In this review, we will delve into its specifications, provide an overview of the product and its materials, incorporate user reviews to form a general opinion, explain the installation process, strengths and weaknesses, and suggest three alternatives.


Specifications of Elitehood Aluminum iPad Holder

elitehood car headrest mount installation

The elitehood Aluminum iPad Holder is constructed with high grade aluminium alloy, ensuring durability and stability. It features you to adjust the viewing angle with 360° rotation capability to your preference. The holder is designed to fit almost all models of cars sold in North America, with a flexible and retractable back length accommodating rear seat bar spacing of 1.6-6.9 inches.

CompatibilityAll devices 4.7 to 12.9 inches
Mount placeFront Seats Headrest
FeaturesExtension, Angle Adjustable
Part Number EH-47
Size, in (HxLxW)3.43x12.6X4.17
Warranty14-Day Return


elitehood ipad holder unboxing

Based on user’s experience, the elitehood Aluminum iPad Holder has received favourable feedback. Users appreciate the sturdy construction and stable design, ensuring that the iPad remains secure without shaking during usage. The exclusive triangular telescopic structure adds extra strength, allowing it to hold even larger devices such as the iPad Pro 12.9″.

The ability to extend the arms up to 4 inches provides a closer viewing experience, and the multi-angle rotation feature allows for optimal positioning. Users have found it to be a reliable and convenient entertainment solution for passengers, making long drives more enjoyable.


Installing the elitehood Aluminum iPad Holder is a straightforward process.

elitehood Aluminum iPad Holder for Car Installation

Simply position the holder on the headrest support rods and secure it in place. No tools are required, and it can be easily attached or detached using the adjustable knobs.

Pros & Cons:


elitehood Aluminum iPad Holder for Car on Headrest

  • Sturdy and stable aluminum construction
  • Triangular telescopic structure for added strength
  • 360° rotation capability for optimal viewing angles
  • Adjustable arms extend up to 4 inches for a closer vision
  • Compatible with a lot of modern models of cars


  • Only works with headrest poles that are cylindrical and fairly slim
  • Will not work for 3rd row seats if the headrest is fixed height


  • Lisen Car Tablet Mount for headrest Installation
    LISEN iPad Holder for Car Tablet Mount ($29.99): This cradle features a new slide rail design, allowing the device to slide to the middle or rear of the car seat. It is made of carbon steel material for stability, and its triangular telescopic structure accommodates a 12.9-inch iPad. It also offers 360° rotation and fits a wide range of car models.

  • Macally Car Headrest Mount for Tablet Package kit
    Macally Car Headrest Mount ($29.99): This car mount provides an extendable metal shaft to position the tablet behind the seat or between the driver and passenger seats. It offers 360° rotation, compatibility with tablets and smartphones, and easy installation with twist knobs.

  • Lamicall Car Tablet Headrest Holder
    Lamicall Car Tablet Headrest Holder ($17.99): This product is compatible with various devices, including iPads, tablets, and smartphones. It offers 360-degree rotation, shockproof protection, and easy installation. It is suitable for a wide range of car models, including trucks, SUVs, and sedans.


When considering whether to purchase the elitehood Aluminum iPad Holder for your car, it’s important to weigh its pros and cons. On the positive side, this holder offers sturdy construction and a flexible 360-degree rotation feature, allowing for optimal viewing angles. Its compatibility with a wide range of iPad sizes and its stability makes it a convenient option for long drives and keeping passengers entertained.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The holder may not be suitable for vehicles with fixed-height headrests, particularly when it comes to 3rd row seats. Additionally, it is designed to work best with headrest poles that are cylindrical and fairly slim, which means it may not fit vehicles with square or thick headrest poles like the 2018 Audi Q7.

Commonly asked questions

The installation process is simple. Place the holder on the headrest support rods and secure it in place using the adjustable knobs. No tools are required.
Yes, the holder offers a 360° rotation capability, allowing you to adjust the viewing angle according to your preference. Also, holder is tiltable backwards and forwards.
Before purchasing, it is advisable to check the compatibility with thicker cases. Ensure that the dimensions of the holder can accommodate the specific iPad Pro 12.9" case you have.

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