Spigen OneTap Pro 3 Car Air Vent Mount

Spigen OneTap Pro 3 Car Mount Charger

The Spigen OneTap Pro 3 combines the phone holder for a car and wireless charger in one device. In this article, we will delve into the specifications, review, pros, and cons of this holder.


Specifications of Spigen OneTap Pro 3

The Spigen OneTap Pro Car Mount offers a sleek and low-profile design that provides unhindered airflow within your vehicle. With its quick and precise OneTap Technology, you can easily mount your phone securely. The double-joint system provides exceptional viewing angles and effortless adjustability.

Spigen OneTap Pro 3 Car Mount with MagSafe

The car mount features a locking mechanism and residue-free gel pad for secure iPhone placement, while its compatibility with Apple iPhone 12 and above series and MagSafe cases ensures a perfect fit. With a stable hold of up to 1200gf magnet, you can trust that your device will stay in place, even when you’re driving on bumpy roads. Plus, the car mount supports up to 10W wireless charging, allowing you to power up your phone on the go.

CompatibilityiPhone 12 / 13 / 14 / 15
Charging PowerUp to 15 W
Mount placeAir vent
FeaturesRotation, MagSafe
Part NumberITM12W
Size, in (HxLxW)2.39x3.59X3.37
Warranty2 Years for official distributors


The Spigen OneTap Pro Car Mount has received mixed feedback from users. Many appreciate the quick and secure mounting mechanism provided by the OneTap Technology. The adjustable double-joint system allows for easy customization of viewing angles, ensuring excellent visibility at all times. The wireless charging feature is a convenient addition, allowing users to keep their devices powered up during long commutes. However, the charging speed of up to 10W may be slower compared to other options on the market.

Spigen OneTap Pro 3 Close Look

The effectiveness of the car mount is also dependent on the placement and design of the air vents in the vehicle, which may vary from car to car. Furthermore, compatibility is limited to MagSafe devices, which may not be suitable for users with non-MagSafe iPhones or smartphones from other brands. The problem can be solved by using MagSafe cases or stickers with magnets. It’s important to consider these factors when evaluating the suitability of the Spigen OneTap Pro Car Mount for your needs.

Advantages & Downsides


  • Fast phone installation using OneTap Technology
  • Easy angle and position adjusting via double-joint system
  • Non-slip mat
  • Wireless charging ability
  • Compatibility with iPhone 12 and higher models or MagSafe stickers on cases
  • Stable hold up to 1200gf


  • Relatively slower charging speed compared to other options
  • Dependency on air vent placement in the car
  • Compatibility limitations for non-MagSafe devices
  • Possibility of obstructing the view
  • Potential wear and tear with extended usage
  • Horizontal movement on bumps
  • Sold without Power Adapter

Best Alternatives

  • Belkin Boostcharge Pro Vent car mount installed
    Belkin Boostcharge Pro ($99): This car mount offers 15W wireless charging and is certified by Apple. It provides MagSafe compatibility, ensuring a secure hold for your iPhone while on the road.

  • LISEN car Mount Charger
    LISEN Car Mount Charger for MagSafe ($40): This option also offers 15W wireless charging and features an extension arm, allowing for less obstruction of the air vent. It provides a sturdy and adjustable mount for MagSafe devices.

  • ESR HaloLock Charger with CryoBoost
    ESR HaloLock Charger with CryoBoost ($46): With 15W charging capability and a strong magnetic hold of 3000gf, this car mount is designed for MagSafe compatibility. It includes a built-in fan to prevent overheating while charging your phone.


The Spigen OneTap Pro Car Mount presents a convenient solution for wireless charging and secure phone placement in your car. Its unique features, including OneTap Technology and adjustable joints, provide ease of use and optimal viewing angles. Some users have reported that the Spigen OneTap Pro Car Mount exhibits horizontal movement on bumpy roads, which may affect phone stability. Additionally, compared to other options on the market, the charging speed of the car mount is relatively slow. The Spigen OneTap Pro Car Mount offers a reliable option for iPhone users seeking a streamlined charging and phone placement experience for a fair price.

FAQ About Spigen OneTap Pro 3

The Spigen OneTap Pro 3 Car Mount charging speed is below 10W with the recommended power supply.
Spigen car mounts are available for purchase on popular online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, and the official Spigen online store.
Yes, the Spigen OneTap Pro Car Charger is designed to be compatible with MagSafe devices, ensuring a secure and reliable hold for your iPhone.

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